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  • The NDIS and the NDIA – A Brief History…

    The NDIS is a much needed reform of disability support in Australia.  It came to fruition after years of discussions regarding problems with the existing disability support arrangements and the major need for reform

    A senate inquiry on February 8th 2007 first recommended the development of a National Disability Strategy and further recommended that the likely costs and benefits of individualised funding needed to be looked at. It went on to recommend that since most families and individuals could not prepare for the risk and financial impact of disability in their family, a scheme similar to Medicare based on insurance, should be implemented as the government ‘block funding’ model being used at the time was both inadequate and totally unfair

    Now, through the NDIS, funding for disability support goes directly to the person with a disability, allowing THEM to decide which organisation/person can provide them with support.  And if they are not happy with the provider THEY have the choice to find a more suitable provider.  The archaic block funding of the past has been replaced with individualised funding packages, giving the person with disability much more choice and control over their lives.  Finally, they have a choice and a voice

    The NDIS is the only national scheme of its kind in the world. It is important to note that the NDIS is not a welfare system. The NDIS is designed to help people receive the support they need in order to improve their skills and independence over time

    The NDIS is entirely publicly funded, meaning recipients do not purchase or contribute to an insurance policy, nor is their NDIS funding means-tested.  It aims to insure that any citizen will have costs covered in the event they are born with or acquire a disability.  Individual NDIS funding is independent of the Disability Support Pension and health care

    The introduction and the impact of the NDIS has been life changing for hundreds of thousands of Australians, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for people with a disability, giving them both choice and control of their lives.  Close to one in three people entering the scheme are receiving disability supports for the very first time

     Through the National Disability Insurance Agency  and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, it is hoped that the disability service provider sector will better reflect the interests of people with disabilities, allowing them and their family to be in control, make choices and plan their lives moving forward with dignity, confidence and respect.

    Karen Bohringer
    National Disability Consulting CEO

  • DreamWorks

    How can anyone possibly take me seriously, when I continue to be stage bombed by various DreamWorks characters (all desperate for attention) mid way through my very serious presentations!!  You do it so well Royal Caribbean.


  • Social Media

    Instagram was born in 2010 – and in the years since has amassed over 2 Billion users worldwide Yes, it’s hard to believe that only a short time ago there was no Instagram, no such thing as online selfies, no influencers or #’s

    Facebook launched in 2004 and twitter in 2006.  Facebook now owns Instagram and has re-branded its parent company to ‘Meta Platforms’ which has a market capitalization of approximately $930 billion

    Social Media has become without a doubt – the world’s fastest growing form of communication ever – and it has changed our lives

    In my ‘World Wide Web’ series of presentations I discuss the fascinating history, the visionaries, the philanthropy and also the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the World Wide Web.

  • Robot Technology on the high seas

    Presenting as we cruise to New Zealand  The screen is broken up into 6 separate display squares, each of the 6 being operated by their very own robot – which makes for fantastic visual slideshows.

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